UC DAVIS AGGIES SPECIAL $35: 1-2 people+light luggage *** to Sacramento Airport.

$35.00 UC Davis AGGIES to Sac Airport Special 1-2 pax TUESDAY-SATURDAY


Light Luggage $35 Special Promo Rate Davis, CA*** to Sacramento Airport For 1-2 ppl+carryons Pickups 5am to 3pm Tuesday-Saturday

MUST ORDER THROUGH our new GetawaycabSM Ordering APP. The GetawaycabSM Ordering APP Can be downloaded by using your Smartdevice to scan the QR CODE at the top center of this page .......OR JUST CLICK THE LINK Below :

Downloading Ordering APP from WebPage or Your Mobile Device

1. Scan QR CODE located top-center of this webpage or click the LINK below.

2. Open with Safari/Chosen Browser

3. Save our new GetawaycabSM web-APP to your Mobile Device Home Screen. 

Tap the "TO AIRPORT" button on the APP or the "QUOTE&BOOK" button on the .app web-page.

4. If you instead click below  "GETAWAYCAB ORDERING APP LINK" you will go to the Getawaycab.app web page. Once there, Click "Quote & Book" Button to fill out your request. Special only applies to Available Pickups 5am to 3pm Tuesday-Saturday 1-2 people light luggage/carryons 4 small rollers or less

5. If you are viewing this page on your Mobile Device Click "GETAWAYCAB ORDERING APP LINK " Below:

Travelling Outside the PROMO HOURS of Tuesday-Saturday 5am to 3pm ?

If you CAN NOT download QR CODE for APP or if clicking The Getawaycab Ordering App button above doesn't take you to the Getawaycab Ordering APP web-page , inquire via text to 530-304-1000. 

***Although this is a Light Luggage Promo for 1-2 people, we may still have the rate for you! 

TEXT 530-304-1000 for a rate quote. Please Include PICKUP TIME, # of People & # of Bags. THANK YOU!

AGGIES First-Come, First-Served

Scheduling, Luggage, Passengers >2 Rate Inquiries

After Your Requested Time is Indicated As Available, A Prepay Booking Portal Will Be Sent via Email

UCDAVIS AGGIES to Sac Airport $35 Special Promo

216 F street #91, Davis, CA 95616, US

(530) 304-1000